ZsaZsa the Runaway Cow

I. Hate. That. Cow.

That is what I was muttering after the fifth time (count ’em 5 times) that cow ran away.

When I was doing my internet research about which cow to purchase to supply myself with wonderful, delicious, raw milk…I found the best, most wonderful milk comes from the Jersey cow.  More butterfat in their milk and the best nutrition of all the cows.  I started pricing Jersey cows and found I did not have the money for a Jersey (champagne taste on a kool aid budget).  BUT, I did find a Zebu breeder that just happened to have a half Jersey half Zebu cow.  He called her a Jerbu and the price was right.  I went to his farm to take a look at her (as if I knew what to look for).  She was cute.  Black with tan markings and white around her nose and on her stomach and she was the perfect size.


She also had on a cute green halter which meant that she looked like I could lead her like I do my horses (bring up uproarious laughter).  The owner of said JerBu, Mr. Rick,  kept telling me that he didn’t want me to be “mad at him” if she didn’t work out.  At the time, I had no idea what he was talking about.  He also told me that she was “somewhat” tame and that he thought she was pregnant by one of his Zebu bulls.  But, he didn’t want me to be “mad at him” if she wasn’t particularly friendly or pregnant.  I knew I could win her over (have horses, remember?) and if she was pregnant, that was even better as I could begin milking her sooner.  SOLD.

I named her ZsaZsa in honor of the old TV show “Green Acres”.  Little did I know how apropo that name would be.   Mr. Rick even said he would deliver ZsaZsa in a couple of days to give me time to secure her “getting to know you” paddock. I used electric ribbon that I have used to secure horses in the past.  Mr. Rick showed up with ZsaZsa and pulled into the 5 acre electric ribbon secured pasture and opened the trailer door to let my little princess into her new domain.  Out she jumped and wandered about as I said my good-byes to Mr. Rick and he said his last “don’t be mad at me” as he was leaving.  As he pulled away, I saw ZsaZsa blow through the electric ribbon fence, shoot across another pasture, blow through a three wired major electric fence and head out to god know where.  I have 20 acres.  There are 200 acres behind me (with cows) and another 3,500 acres adjoining me and them.  Oh god, I didn’t know cows ran that fast.  That was just the beginning of the trials and tribulations of my life with ZsaZsa the runaway cow.  I did not know then that this cow was smart, sneaky, mischievous, cunning and could make Houdini (and me) look like an idiot.

More on ZsaZsa the runaway cow in the next installment.

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