ZsaZsa the Runaway Cow part 2

I found ZsaZsa that first time at the home of a neighbor at the end of the road….we’re talking at least a quarter of a mile away.  She was hanging out with a group of very big, black cows.  In fact, she was hiding behind them.  As I’d get close to her, she’d move between two more big monster cows. I was pushing one of the monster cows out of the way (or attempting to) and it turned around and started coming toward me.  I had a long cardboard tube in my hand (don’t ask me where I found it…have no idea) and was using it to push the cows around.  Well, this one cow was definitely bigger than the rest and didn’t seem fazed by my lethal instrument and kept on coming.  I finally realized – when it was just a foot away – that this was a BULL.  OMG, Holy Sh..t! and all the other crazed blubbering that will come out of my mouth when I’m facing certain death.  A smart woman would have run.  I stood still with my deadly cardboard tube and bapped him on the nose.

img_1865Dave, the BULL

I think I hurt his feelings.  Later on in this story I got to know Dave, the bull, and he was a total sweetheart.  He loved the treats I always had in my pocket and would greet me at the gate.  But this day…I had no knowledge of this and just went by instinct.  Bapp on the nose it was. He looked so hurt by my aggressive behaviour…poor Dave.  But I didn’t have the time or the patience to consider his feelings at the moment.  That friggin cow of mine was getting the best of me and pissing me off.

zsazsa2While I was running around like a rabid terrier getting no closer to moving this rotten cow, the mother of my neighbor came over to watch me…I’m sure I was better than daytime TV.  She was leaning on the fence and happened to mention that “Once a cow ran away, they ALWAY ran away”. Oh great.  She apparently took pity on me and called her other son who came with his big pick up truck (I do not have a pick up truck.  I have a mini cooper) and the two of us spent more than 3 hours to finally get her onto my property….only to find out there was another break in the fence and she took off again.  He beat her to the gate between our properties (truck is faster than cow) and got it closed.  And so began the long and sad two weeks of me trudging out to the back 40 with a pail of water and food twice a day to hopefully gain her trust (what a stupid woman).

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