Stay Bailey Stay

Did Nolan stay home from that point on and never leave Bailey again? Ah…NO.  Being a young man starting a new company, he was on the go. But, when he was home, Bailey was his girl.  She adored him.  Yes, she liked me.  She ADORED Nolan. I was second best and the only port in the lightning storm – which was the only thing that ever scared her.

We moved away from the little house in downtown Clermont to a farm where both Rockette and Bailey could run.  Rockette would come home. Bailey wouldn’t unless Nolan was home.  I had to call and call and hunt her down.  She always came home, but it was a chore unless Nolan was home.

Moved to a bigger farm…thousands of acres to run and run she did.  She drove me nuts.  Coyotes and bobcats and lions and tigers and bears.  She didn’t care.  She was ferocious.  She’d take on anything.  My heart. I got chickens and knew they wouldn’t last long with the killer beagle so I had to walk her to the back 40 acres and there she and Rockette could run and run.  She would come back to me if I was standing there and she never got a chicken.

Nolan was about to make an adventurous journey across the country.  I told him to take Bailey with him.  He was unsure at first and then warmed to the idea. I then got a little nervous but I figured they would work it out together.  She never ran away from him…ever.  Bailey opened doors for Nolan that without her, might not have happened.  She was his ambassador, his companion, and his heart.

And, so this year they began their journey.  In fact, he chronicled it on his FaceBook page if you want to see the entire trip.  It was wonderful to open up FB and see Bailey climbing mountains, attending music festivals, biking, visiting beautiful national parks and wonderful cities. Bailey lived the life most of us just dream about.  I want to come back as Nolan’s dog.

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In addition to the parks, Nolan recorded the Black Lives Matter protest in Philadelphia, the desolate streets of Detroit, the protest in North Dakota, into Canada and now in Northern California.  The trip wasn’t always pleasant. But he had his faithful and wonderful companion at his side giving unconditional love and support. She kept him focused and he loved her for it.

While in Northern Cali last week, Nolan opened the door to let Bailey out in the morning.  He said he had a thought…a little twinge of worry…but pushed it aside.  A little while later he saw Baily come out of the woods and he said she kinda stumbled.  But she ran to him and jumped on the bed and that’s when he saw the blood.  She had been attacked by an animal (not sure of what kind of animal) and it had gotten her throat.

A perilous, heartbreaking trip down the mountain to an emergency veterinarian. I know he was praying. Please hang on. I had a dream a couple of nights before this.  In the dream I went to the front door and I saw Bailey sitting there.  I looked past her looking for Nolan, but she was by herself.  In the dream she told me she had come home. I didn’t know what the dream meant, but it unnerved me a bit.  Bailey is now running the fields and the forests and being ferocious as never before.  I know she’s running my fields in spirit with Rockette.  She loved Nolan with her big heart and he loved her back.  She is missed.

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